Greek Podcasts Volume 5

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25. September 2009 - Social Issues

English Greek Phonetic
drugs (the) τα ναρκωτικά ta nar-kOH-tee-kah
media (the) τα μέσα ενημέρωσης ta MEH-sa eh-nee-MER-oh-sees
economy (the) η οικονομία ee ee-koh-noh-MEE-ah
everyday life (the) η καθημερινότητα ee kath-ee-mer-ee-NOH-tee-tah
recycling (the) η ανακύκλωση ee ah-na-KEE-kloh-see
poor φτωχός ftoh-CHOSS (ch as in loch)
prison (the) η φυλακή ee fee-lah-KEE
violence (the) η βία ee VEE-ah
society (the) η κοινωνία ee ki-noh-NEE-ah
unemployment (the) η ανεργία ee ah-ner-yEE-ah

24. August 2009 - Shopping

English Greek Phonetic
to buy αγοράζω ah-gor-AH-zo
the cash desk το ταμείο toh tah-MEE-oh
to cost κοστίζω kost-EE-zoh
expensive ακριβός ak-ree-VOSS
the kilo το κιλό toh kee-LOH
to pay πληρώνω plee-ROH-noh
the price η τιμή ee tee-MEE
the shop το κατάστημα toh kah-TAST-ee-mah
to shop ψωνίζω pso-NEE-zoh
the shopping τα ψώνια ta PSON-ee-ah

23. July 2009 - Groceries

English Greek Phonetic
the bread το ψωμί toh psoh-MEE
the butter το βούτυρο toh VOO-tee-roh
the cheese το τυρί toh tee-REE
the egg το αυγό toh av-GHO
fresh φρέσκος FRESS-koss
the grocer's το μπακάλικο toh ba-KAL-ee-koh
the milk το γάλα toh GHA-la
the sugar η ζάχαρη ee ZA-cha-ree (ch as in loch)
the vegetables τα λαχανικά tah la-chan-ee-KAH (ch as in loch)
the yoghurt το γιαούρτι toh yee-ah-OOR-tee

22. June 2009 - Education

English Greek Phonetic
the exercise book το τετράδιο toh teh-TRAH-thee-oh (th as in the)
the homework το διάβασμα toh thee-AH-vas-mah (th as in the)
to learn μαθαίνω mah-THEN-oh (th as in theatre)
the lesson το μάθημα toh MAH-theh-mah (th as in theatre)
the library η βιβλιοθήκη ee viv-lee-oh-THEE-kee (th as in theatre)
the pupil ο μαθητής oh ma-thee-TEES (th as in theatre)
the school το σχολείο toh schoh-LEE-oh (ch as in loch)
to study σπουδάζω spoo-THAH-zo
to teach διδάσκω thee-THASS-koh (th as in the)
the univerisity το πανεπιστήμιο toh pan-eh-pee-stee-MEE-oh

21. May 2009 - Emotions

English Greek Phonetic
angry θυμωμένος thi-moh-MEH-noss (th as in theatre)
to be angry θυμώνω thi-MOH-noh (th as in theatre)
to be bored βαριέμαι va-ree-EH-meh
to be scared φοβάμαι foh-VAH-meh
cheeful χαρούμενος cha-ROO-meh-noss (ch as in loch)
to cry κλαίω KLAY-oh
to enjoy oneself διασκεδάζω thee-es-keh-THA-zoh (th as in the)
to laugh γελώ yeh-LOH
serious σοβαρός soh-vah-ROSS
to smile χαμογελώ cha-moh-yeh-LOH (ch as in loch)